​​​​​Institute for Printing (iPrint)

The institute iPrint is active in the field of digital printing with a clear focus on inkjet technology. As a research partner to industry, it contributes significantly to technological innovation in terms of processes and methods, instrumental development and advanced materials.

The applied research carried out by the institute iPrint is, by its very nature, multidisciplinary as it requires cutting-edge skills from various domains, notably those of mechanical engineering, chemistry and nanotechnologies. It is done in close cooperation with university institutes in fundamental research and provides, in the context of PhD studies as well as that of lectures and student projects at the Bachelor and Master level, an ideal combination of research and teaching at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland. The institute also offers continuing education.

Core competences

The core competences of the institute iPrint lie in the digital printing processes, especially in inkjet technology as the most flexible of all processes to deposit the smallest, digital material units. In addition, the institute has proven expertise in metering viscous fluids. Based on this existing expertise, the institute iPrint is working on technology developments with which future applications into highly interesting, emerging markets can be accessed.

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